Everyone should have someone in their corner.

Navigating the daily indignities of homelessness is humiliating:

  • Standing in long lines for food or shelter.
  • Being told you can’t sit here or sleep there.
  • Having infrequent access to a shower or private bathroom.
  • Enduring insults, assumptions, and judgments.
  • Feeling completely invisible.

No wonder folks who are homeless feel worthless… like no one cares.

At HomeFirst, we believe everyone should have someone in their corner—reminding them of their worth and helping them navigate what life throws at them. Could that someone be you?

Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Advocates

People transitioning out of homelessness are in a vulnerable spot. They need supportive relationships to help them identify and address obstacles to their long-term success. That’s where Advocates come in! Being a HomeFirst Advocate doesn’t require any particular skill-set or background. It only requires that you care about people transitioning out of homelessness and want to cheer them on.

With the training, guidance, and support of our professional Care Coordinator:


Advocates listen.

Like anyone else, our residents benefit from having someone to talk to. The time our residents and Advocates spend together makes a real and lasting difference—for both of them.

Advocates guide.

When people live on the street, they’re in day-to-day survival mode. Advocates reorient our residents to the future by helping them recognize opportunities and eliminate obstacles to their long-term success.

Advocates refer.

Advocates care about our residents’ problems, but they’re not responsible for solving them. Instead, Advocates collaborate with our Care Coordinator to make sure residents have the practical resources they need to stay housed.

We need your heart… and your hands.

Whether you prefer on-the-ground or behind-the-scenes roles, you can change someone’s life by volunteering with HomeFirst.

Apartment Renovation

We purchase apartment buildings that need some love, renovate them, and make them available to our residents. We looooove general contractors and other skilled volunteers.

Move-In Kits

We make sure our residents have all the basics when they move-in—from a fully-stocked pantry to bed linens and towels. Volunteers help us keep shop for, organize, and manage our household goods.

Building Upkeep

We host regular work days to take care of minor repairs, painting, and cleaning inside our buildings.

Curb Appeal

We welcome volunteers to help keep our properties looking spiffy.

Special Events & Celebrations

If you’re the party-planning type, you can show our residents they matter by helping with holiday and fundraising events.

Board of Directors

We have a small (but mighty!) working Board made up of volunteers from all sorts of professions and backgrounds. We’re always open to including more folks at the table.

To our residents, having someone in their corner makes all the difference.

Without our amazing volunteers, people transitioning out of homelessness would continue to feel discouraged and alone. But because of people like you who invest their time in our residents success, they are more likely to:


Stay housed long-term.


Feel hopeful for the future because they know someone's on their side.


Learn to self-advocate.


Believe in themselves again.


Create and reach long-term goals related to education and employment.